Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I see my weight from last week?

Watch this video to see a step by step on how to track your weight from a previous week. 

How many days is it?

4 days a week

Are upper body days included?

Yes! It’s 2 lower body days and 2 upper body days for a majority of the program and then the last phase is split up a little different, but this is a FULL program.


Alternatively, you can choose to JUST do the lower days alongside your current upper body plan.

Can I do it at home / at a CrossFit gym?

The equipment needed:

  • leg press
  • Dumbbells 
  • Leg extension 
  • Leg curl 
  • Cables 
  • barbell / smith machine
How different is it from the 4 week? Does it change after that?

The free program / first 4 weeks = introductory to movement patterns and establishing a volume baseline

The 12 weeks = builds + improves on that. Exercise selection changes and improves with volume progressions, intensity progressions, etc.


How long should rest be between each set?

It’s noted / loaded in the app for you for each movement!

How much is it?

The 12 week program will be available for $197, however, for Black Friday, it will be marked down 25% and available for $147… which if you take that for the full 16 weeks, that makes it only $1.31 per day!

You get the 12-16 week program AND access to the app and macro calculator.

In the app, there’s videos for each movement, written step by step direction for movements, rest period timer, workout timer, digital log book, exercise substitutions and MORE.

Can this be done with a fat loss goal?

We would NOT recommend this program for fat loss. THe volume and goal of this program is GROWTH, so recovery and results would be hindered and the program would not be aligned for you.


HOWEVER. this doesn’t mean that you have to be in a massive surplus either.

THIS is a great resource to hear Alex and Sue talk more about how she’s approaching nutrition.

How long should each training session last?

All sessions should be accomplished within 60-65 minutes!

It is a one time purchase and will have it forever? Or will you have to pay for the app monthly to keep it?

One time purchase, yours to keep!

Once you’ve finished it, you can get future programs we release, use the other features on the app, OR join our monthly subscription on the app for $35 a month.

Should I eat in a surplus? (currently at maintenance)

Maintenance would be a great place to start and as you gauge volume and recovery, move into a slight surplus. 

If you feel like you need nutrition guidance to get the most bang for your buck – we are doing a special offer!

Nutrition coaching WITH exercise review.

I might want nutrition help

How many days a week do you work/train glutes?

Most of the program, it’s 2 lower body days. The last phase of the program, there is more frequency but the volume is equated!

I have a lot of weight to lose (~70lbs), is this going to be a good program for me?

I noted that we wouldn’t recommend during a fat loss phase; however, if you do have 50+ lbs to lose, you *likely* would still be able to recover and utilize stored fat. But again, not geared towards fat loss but GLUTE GAINZ!

Are there any subs for movements that require a leg press, leg extensions, & a leg curl?

Is there a similar exercise that will be noted? yes.

Will you get the same results with those substitutes? We can’t guarantee It.

The movements chosen are for the focus of glute growth. so let’s take something like the leg press. Can you sub a glute bias back squat for a leg press? technically, both are working the lengthened glute BUT the back squat wouldn’t be a great swap in place of the leg press here because of the excess fatigue. We have to balance the spinal loading, systemic fatigue, and optimizing hypertrophy output. The leg press provides stabilization and safety and much better recovery in this circumstance and for this goal!

When it comes to the leg extension: there isn’t another movement that works the quad in the fully shortened position.

When it comes to the leg curl, because this isn’t a “main” movement, you could sub with a sliding leg curl, TRX leg curl, yoga ball leg curl

Does the program include exercises from the 4 week or is everything new?

There are some exercises that are carried over from the 4 week introduction phase.

There are changes in exercises selection, rep scheme, sets, volume, intensity throughout the 12 week program to maximize results

Can you complete the program again after the first time? How many times do you suggest?

Theoretically, 2, maybe 3 times with a nice metabolic phase breaking it all up.

She has done the 4 week program and was wondering if she should start at week 5 on the full program?

No, it is set-up for them to start at week 1 of the 12 week

It’s a 16 week program – 4 week was for free and 12 weeks are paid.