Heavy on results, light on the wallet.

Okay, so at this point, you’re probably thinking to yourself:

“Sounds awesome … but how much does this cost?”

Well, here’s the deal —

The PDTC comes in at an uber-premium, terribly sky-high, and absolutely outrageous price of … $35/Month


“Wait, what!?
That’s it?”

Yeah, really. That’s it.

(Did we have you going for a second though?)

Look, most of our competitors (whoever they are) easily charge double (if not triple) for a product that is often treated like an afterthought. Our whole goal with launching the PDTC was to provide a product and service that was truly different from the rest.

If we turned around and charged you out the behind, would it really be that different? No, it wouldn’t. There is no reason that pricing should come between you and your goals.

Like we said — Low cost, High quality.

Alternatively, if you’d like us to justify the price, do us a favor and do this:
-Go to amazon
-Click on your orders tab
-And tally up how much you’ve spent over the past month

For many of us, that can be a sobering number to add up. In comparison, the PDTC costs $35/month, which is right around a dollar a day. You’re going to spend money either way, why not spend on something you and your health?

And that, my friends, is everything for today.

Now, uhm, excuse me while I go block Amazon from my web-browser.

If this all sounds good – sign up here…

Real People. Real Results.