How to heal your body and
return to the gym as a new mom!

Rehab mid-section, fuel your body, proper exercise

This is a 12 week program broken up into 3 week phases to help you safely and slowly acclimate with exercise again.


Core: there are four segments of the core that work together as one unit- properly heal and exercise ALL of your abdominal muscles and work to re-connect your core with breath work guidance.

Slow & Steady

Home workouts to start with slow and light movement, then banded & resistance movements, adding dumbbells, then progressing to a higher load back in the gym.


With lack of sleep, it is even more important to focus & prioritize nutrient dense foods and enough calories.

Equipment needed for home workouts (weeks 1-9):

Light bands

Bench, chair or table

Yoga mat

Light dumbbells


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