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We spent years on this program, to specifically help YOU with growing your glutes.

Over the last decade, the most recurring goal we receive from inquiring clients is “I want to grow my glutes!”

& that goal is often followed by… “I’ve tried everything & NOTHING has worked” or “I train glutes 3x per week, and STILL no progress?!”

To their surprise, things start to click in our time working together one-on-one & they finally see the glute growth that they’ve always desired.

That code is not…

X one particular exercise

X rep scheme

X certain amount of sets

X intensity performed.

It’s all of these things structured in perfect harmony.

With that perfect harmony, we’ve spent the last year working on a training program that we could provide to you. Not just any program, a 16-week intensive program, that if followed to a T, I can guarantee that you will see considerable glute growth.

Here’s What People Had To
Say After The First 4 Weeks:

and now in the 12 weeks

Here’s What To Expect.

1. Watch Our “Welcome” Video.

2. Check Out Our Other Resources.

3. Let The Glutes Grow.

4. 4 days / 60 min or less.

Ready to take the plunge?

We were hoping you’d say that.

Time to cut out the guesswork and let’s get to work. The PDTC is your one stop shop for — intelligent programming that makes sense, ensures results, and gets you out of your own way.

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